Znir Pact

The Znir Pact is a community of Gnoll living in Droaam. Unlike populations of other monstrous creatures living in that nation, the Znir pact has no warlord of its own. Instead, they give their services to all of the other power groups, a shrewd way of ensuring there are always gnolls on the winning side of any conflict. This strategy has served them well, and to this day they have never been dominated by (or sought to dominate) anyone.

The gnolls refuse to fight each other at the behest of outsiders (though brief internal feuds between gnolls for leadership of a gnoll band are common), but otherwise they loyally follow any and all commands given. Their neutrality has made the Znir pact somewhat of a stabilizing force in the otherwise chaotic nation, and they essentially perform the peacekeeping role House Deneith’s Sentinel Marshals perform elsewhere.

Many of the monstrous races of Droaam have a predisposition for melee combat, so gnoll archers are highly prized. Recently, many gnolls have even taken up positions as rangers with House Deneith and House Tharashk.

When the Znir Pact was formed centuries ago, the gnolls put aside the savage demon-worshiping ways of their kin. They now place the bond of the pact above all else, worshiping piles of stones which represent the idols shattered by their ancestors. They do still offer lip service to some gods, the Dark Six in particular, but don’t actively worship them. They take small trinkets from each of their kills, wearing them to honor those they have slain. They believe that the spirits of those you kill will be waiting when you arrive in the Keeper’s realm. Whether or not you honor them in life decides whether they’ll greet you with open arms, or ravenous hunger.

Znir Pact

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