The Great Crag

Metropolis (population 32 230)

The capital of Droaam is a winding city of new construction, old goblin ruins, and warrens running through the mountain at the nation’s center. The Daughters of Sora Kell rule a population of harpies, gargoyles, and other monstrous humanoids.


Sora Katra, Sora Maenya, and Sora Teraza
Sora Maenya’s elite troll guards, assisted by gnoll mercenaries, maintain order in the city.

At the center of Droaam, a vast mountain peak dominates an otherwise flat and fertile plain. According to legend, the Great Crag was torn up from the earth during the war between the
hobgoblins and the daelkyr. The ruins of an ancient hobgoblin city are scattered across the plain, and ancient passages honeycomb the mountain itself. For centuries, the area was shunned and said to be cursed, but the Daughters of Sora Kell have no fear of ancient superstitions.

Over the past decade, thehags and their ogre laborers have built a great city at the base of the mountain. The Great Crag is a bizarre mix of architectural styles; beautifully restored buildings from the time of the Dhakaani Empire stand beside huge, rough structures that ogres have assembled using irregular stone blocks. Harpies live in roosts high on cliff faces, while the rest of the citizens make do with temporary tents and huts until more permanent structures are established. The court of the three sisters is carved into the mountain itself, consisting of a combination of rough-hewn passages and ancient chambers dating back to the hobgoblin empire.

The Great Crag is a work in progress; its population outstrips its size. Thousands of goblin squatters live in camps scattered around the edges of the city, alongside well-organized gnoll barracks. An enormous arena covers one of the largest sections of the city. Here, races, gladiatorial combat, and blood sports of all types play out before packed crowds in the Crag. The arena also serves as a training facility for those who offer their services to
the hags.

The only dragonmarked house with an outpost in the Crag is House Tharashk. There are temples to the Mockery and the Shadow, but these are relatively small, since the hags do not directly support either deity. The marketplace sells foreign goods that have been shipped in from Graywall, along with the unusual crafts of the monstrous races, such as medusa stonework.

The Great Crag

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