Small city (population 6 300)

The gateway between Droaam and Breland, Graywall has a quarter devoted to humans and other nonmonstrous humanoids from beyond the mountains. Legitimate merchants, mercenary employers, and criminals from all over Khorvaire can be found here amid the native goblins, orcs, and gnolls.


The mind flayer Xor’chylic is the governor of Graywall, and it holds the power of life and death over its inhabitants. Baron Khundran d’Torrn of House Tharashk has been granted the right to administer justice in the Calabas.


The Flayer Guard is both a peacekeeping force and a well-disciplined and well-equipped military unit that is among the best Droaam can field. In addition to the 300 soldiers of the Flayer Guard, the gnolls of the Znir Pact keep 100 troops garrisoned in the town, and Xorchylic can call in the Pact as needed. Although it has the trappings of a border town, Graywall is also a military outpost that stands ready to defend the pass against Brelish aggression . . . or to launch a raid, if it comes to that. As such, all members of the labor force undergo basic militia training and can take up arms if necessary. In comparison to the Flayer Guard, this militia is poorly organized and has limited equipment, but the natural abilities of the creatures still make it a force with which to be reckoned.



Called Sorghun in the goblin tongue. Bloodstone is the largest of the four districts. The district takes its name from the crimson coloring of the stone used in many of its buildings; stone that was recovered from the shattered walls of Korash Khaar. Bloodstone is the home of the Arena, where the people of Graywall perform in blood sports every night. Inns in the district include the Hydra Halls and the Labyrinth; taverns include the Bloody Tooth, the Broken Sword, and the Venomous Voice; and the district is home to the Street of Shadows, where followers of the Shadow pay homage.

The Kennels

Called the Calabas in the goblin tongue and Thajnarr in Giant (from an insulting word for humans), the Kennels are where the non-monstrous races reside. The House Tharashk enclave resides in the Kennels, as does operations by the other dragonmarked houses. Inns in the district include the Gold Dragon Inn (by House Ghallanda), the House of the Nine (also a temple to the Sovereign Host), and the Twilight Palace (jointly run by House Ghallanda and House Phiarlan); taverns include Dorn’s Flagon, the Cracked Keg and the Merry Marcher. Other locations in the Kennels include the Roar (a plaza), Vorgath’s (an orc supplier), the Kundarak Vault (home to a Kundarak vault and the House Sivis enclave), Far Davandi’s haberdashery, the Silenced Stage (a playhouse), Hahlo’s House for healing, and Veils (a doppelganger brothel). House Tharashk maintains a semblance of justice and order there under the leadership of Lord Khundran d’Torrn.

Little Graywall

Called Sar Kuraath, this district is home of the goblins and the kobolds of the city. Little Graywall is designed entirely for size small creatures. Most of this section is comprised of clan warrens, with no real businesses.

The Throne

Also called the Karda, the Throne is home to the mayor and the Flayer’s Guard. The Throne is also home to the Znir Pact, the biggest of the gnoll tribes in Graywall. It is also home to the Last Tower, the courthouse of Graywall, where Xor’chylic’s word is law.

The Deep Doors

Called the Khyras in goblin, the Deep Doors are the network of tunnels beneath the city. They weave through the old Dhakaani ruins beneath the city.

The Stone Pit

East of the city, there are huge quarries, where miners help unearth the stone needed for continued growth of the city. Though some laborers may live within the city, most of them make their homes in the pits as well, in a tent city outside the great pit. Typical labor within the Stone Pits are 11-hour shifts, with an hour of militia training each day.


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