Droaam is a land of monsters, creatures that—to the outside eye—make even the goblin tribes of Darguun look civilized. The mountain passes of Droaam teem with giants and gargoyles, and the forests are thick with trolls and orcs more savage than the fiercest tribes of the Eldeen Reaches.

Yet the region contains more than random horrors. Ruled by the mysterious Daughters of Sora Kell, Droaam grows ever more disciplined, ever more structured-and the people of Khorvaire grow ever more frightened.

The Treaty of Thronehold does not recognize Droaam as a nation. But its rulers, the Daughters of Sora Kell—a covey of hags—govern it as one. A decade ago, Droaam was a region in anarchy, its monstrous tribes and people warring against one another. Today, a number of regional warlords, including the medusa Sheshka (the Queen of Stone) and the oni mage Drul Kantar, rule regions of Droaam, and all swear fealty to the Daughters. The nation functions, roughly but effectively, as a cohesive whole despite the violence, chaos, and bloodshed that is still the norm within individual territories.

For years, Breland claimed the region now called Droaam, but few humans ever attempted to establish colonies there; it is the abode of monsters. Droaamish mercenaries were effective during the Last War, and fear of their strength—and the hope that the Droaamites might prove valuable allies should war come again—has prevented the Five Nations from moving against them. This has not calmed public nervousness at having monsters on Breland’s borders, or halted those monsters’ occasional raids into civilized lands.


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