Daask is a criminal organization that has recently begun to spread across Breland and Aundair. Using violence and intimidation to carve out a niche in the underworld, the group is composed almost exclusively of monsters from Droaam. In common, the name would translate to “The Monster’s Eye.”

Daask has three primary rackets: protection, loan sharking, and illicit alchemical substances.

When people think of Daask, the protection racket is what generally comes to mind. A sly goblin arrives at a merchant’s shop with an ogre towering over him. The goblin laments the constant threat of violence in the area and offers peace of mind in exchange for a weekly fee. Strangely, Daask often delivers on its promises. Most of the violence perpetrated by Daask is directed against other criminals. Rival gangs are met with brutal force, while burglars and thieves are tracked down by gnolls and worgs. Because Daask operates in relatively lawless areas, there are those who appreciate this harsh justice.

Daask’s loan sharks have stores of raw gold from the mines of Droaam, and are quick to offer it to those in need. Collateral is required, and the most infamous practice is the “stone loan.” A Daask medusa petrifies a member of the borrower’s family, and a shattered toe or similar trophy is sent to the borrower for each missed payment. There are stories of medusas shipping unclaimed victims back to Droaam to be auctioned in the markets.

The alchemical trade has put Daask in direct competition with other criminal gangs. In addition to dreamlily and other narcotics, Daask has one unique product: dragon’s blood, a mysterious and highly addictive substance that enhances arcane powers.

Over the last decade, the Daask syndicate has carved out a bloody niche in the criminal underworld of Aundair and Breland. Its members are monsters, ranging from goblins and ogres to more exotic creatures. Daask primarily operates in slums, ghettos, and other areas where the law is lax and its monstrous forces attract less attention. The cartel first appeared in Sharn in 988 YK. Over the last five years it has spread to Wroat, Passage, Starilaskur, Ghalt, and Lathleer, and a cell is laying down roots in Fairhaven.


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