Droaam : Top Secret

A New Force for Unity

Summer 995 YK

Following the events of the Mourning, Breland finds itself without a foe on its eastern border, and the Daughters of Sora Kell fear that they might turn their army west to pacify the budding nation of Droaam. Based on the insights of Sora Teraza, the hags realize that they need a taskforce more subtle than Sora Maenya’s war trolls. Therefore, Sora Katra summons six local champions from all over the region to serve as special agents for Droaam, although only five of them do show up.

The team’s first task is to convince Rhesh Turakbar to stop his pointless resistance and swear allegiance to the Daughters. Questioning goblin refugees in the Great Crag who had fled Turakbar’s Fist, the agents learn that they might find allies in the Redcaps in Graywall.

In Greywall, the team arranges a meeting with the leader of the Redcaps, a goblin wizard named Gurb “The Raven” Bonecrow. He admits to having helped many goblins and kobolds escape Turakbar’s slavery and seek asylum in Graywall. He states that the best offeing one could make to get on the minotaur warlord’s good side would be suitable sacrifices for his demonic lord. He even goes as far as to specifically recommend a pair of Brelish war criminals having taken residence in Graywall’s Kennels district, one of them an avowed goblin slayer. Byron & Vonterk are initially, and understandably, suspicious of the monsters offering them a job, but are convinced by magically enhanced lies and the promise of easy treasure.

The five agents and their two “mercenaries” are traveling to Turakbar’s Fist when they encounter a camp of gnolls set around a large bonfire. Initially mistaking the gnolls for members of the orderly Znir Pact, they soon realize that those are instead demon cultists and that the bonfire is actiually a barbecue where two goblins are being roasted on a spit. The gnolls invite the strangers, and forcefully request that the kobold Hax be added to the meal. The encounter turns quieckly into a fight with the nearby gnolls pulling out spears and the more distant ones shooting arrows from the cover of the tents.

Amid the commotion, Byron and Vonterk decide that they’re not being paid enough and decide to make a run for it. The agents of the Daughters have to split up to fight the gnolls on one side and stop the would-be sacrifices from escaping on the other, but end up reaching their goals. The mercenaries are stunned and recaptured while none of the gmolls are left alive. Many goblin prisoners are found tied up in one of the tents. The team frees them and points them toward Graywall, telling them to ask the assistance of the Redcaps once there.

On the next day, the party arrives at Turakbar’s Fist, a maze of a stronghold painted red from the blood of many sacrifices. Guided by orc soldiers, they are taken to Turakbar’s castle, where minotaur elite guards make bets on how many of the five would come out alive. From his seat overlooking a sandy arena, the minotaur warlord gleefully accepts the dwarf and human as sacrifices for the Horned King Baphomet, but clearly considers adding the Daughters’ envoys to the lot, as he did with all of their previous messengers. He even pulls out a summoning scroll, ready to unleash some foul creature on his new prey.

In an attempt to prove their (and the Daughters’) usefulness to Turakbar, the agents pry out his dearest desire from him, which would be to be the one responsible for the liberation of the Horned King from his Khyber prison. The problem is that, as with all demonic overlords, no one knows exactly where his prison is located, although technically, one such overlord is said to be trapped under the Thrane capital of Flamekeep. In exchange for having Droaam agents sent in Flamekeep, he agrees to serve the Daughters as he local warlord, but threatens to renege his word if no progress is made within two years.

That being done, the agents return to the Great Crag and report back to Sora Katra, greatly pleased with the outcome of the mission, and taking much credit for the creation of the special unit that would be sent all around Droaam over the following months to cement the Daughters’ hold on the monstrous nation.



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