Droaam : Top Secret

To Buy a Monster Crime Ring

Forced to spend a night in Wroat while the House Orien caravan makes a switch of horses, the five spies from Droaam witness firsthand the racism of the so-called civilized races toward monsters, all directed at Hax and Keng, being the only two who don’t appear human. The hatred is especially strong coming from gnomes who cross paths with Hax. Nevertheless, the agents have several hours to kill before nightfall, so they plan to make the most out of it.

Tsukiyomi spends his time in the luxury boutiques surrounding the marketplace, keeping an eye out for items not found in Droaam, and ending up spending a good fraction of his money on Sarlonan jewelry.

Karri is weirded out by the cleanliness of the city and the apparent lack of poverty. Unable to figure out what happens to people who fall on hard times, she uses her silver tongue to foment rivalries between competing shops, sowing the seed of doubts in some merchants while bolstering the confidence of others.

The other three spend the late afternoon at Morgrave University, where they manage to speak with many students and faculty members, overall much more tolerant than the average citizen of Wroat. Cxaxukluth, Keng and Hax spend their time looking for information regarding ancient demons, dragonmarks, and mechanical engineering, respectively. To the kobold’s greatest sorrow, most of the engineering labs have been dismantled recently following the banning of House Cannith’s creation forges,

After a copious meal much tastier than grist, the group spends an uneventful night in a cheap but safe inn and rejoin the caravan for the last two days of travel toward the City of Towers.

Once in Sharn, the agents finally get to see crass misery in a mostly-human city. Beyond the inn district right after the gate, the area of Lower Dura was indeed nothing but slums and and shady warehouses. To make contact with Daask, though, they had to get ever lower, under the sewers, in the district known as Khyber’s Gate.

In order to fit with the local population made mostly of monsters and outcats, Cxaxukluth and Tsukiyomi took the shape of tieflings. Karri went for the appearance of a half-orc, but even that proved too civilized and noble for the depths’ goblin and minotaurs, who kept heckling and mocking the hag in disguise. Some cutpurses even tried to rob the group, but were caught in the act, and one of the pickpockets got his hand crushed by Tsukiyomi in return. Eventually, the agents arrived at the tavern named Shamukaar which was surrounded by heavily-armed gnolls. Inside, they were quickly ushered to a table and asked whether they wanted light or dark meat, and light or dark ale. A bit of each was brought , everything charred beyond recognition. Kemg left his seat to scout ahead and locate Cazha Bloodwing. The harpy joined the group and gave them a password to give to the butler at a mansion in Dragon Towers, a middle city district full of guildhalls. Monsters being unwelcome there, Cazha herself would not be joining them. As the group was about to leave, orc hunters came in with the carcass of giant, gray, four-legged bugs, which they brought straight to the tavern’s kitchen. Cazha revealed the kruthiks to be the source of white meat, the other being rat.

After taking a flying skycab to Dragon Towers, the agents headed to the given address: a nondescript stone mansion located behind the sculptors guild. They were greeted by a well-dressed hobgoblin and, after exchanging a few niceties including the secret password, they were welcomed inside and brought to a lavish lounge upstairs. Inside was the famous red-skinned oni woman Cavallah, a medusa, and a strange humanoid figure wrapped in layers and layers of black cloaks.

The agents quickly and directly showed the red elixir offered by the Daughters of Sora Kell, announcing how it could greatly boost arcane powers while being highly addictive. Cavallah hesitated and Cxaxukluth took out the stone eye provided by Sora Katra. A voice came out, but it was that of Sora Maenya, the general of Droaam’s armies. She praised what Droaam could do for Daask in exchange for unwavering loyalty. The medusa Harash whispered a few word in the oni’s ear, who quickly chose to accept the deal.

Without consulting with her agents, she told Cavallah that she could use them as her resources for a while as long as they were used in a smart way. Cavallah offered to take advantage of the newcomers’ fighting power to destroy as many members of the Boromar Clan, a rival criminal organization, and was immediately berated by Sora Maenya for her foolishness. The Boromar clan had more members than Daask, and the backing of many powerful organizations in Sharn. Attacking them frontally would only invite a deadly counterattack, in addition to a waste of her agents’ skills. Instead, the hag suggested to lace the Boromar Clan’s drugs with slow-acting poison to rob them of their customers over the upcoming months. Sora Maenya also reminded her crew to leave Cavallah her personal gift before signing out. Cxaxxukluth took out the three petrified teeth on a stone rod, and the oni’s face dropped. “If this is how you want to play, so be it. But if we’re to seal a new alliance, let’s see how hard you can celebrate. ”/characters/sagtooth" class=“wiki-content-link”>Sagtooth! Bring out the good stuff!"

The hobgoblin butler came back with a crate filled with bottles and vials. “Hearflow, dreamlily, Karrn whiskey. Pick your poisons, ladies and gentlemen.” Pushed by Cavallah and Harash, who led by example, the crew fished in the box to sample the different substances. Most went carefully and limited themselves to the alcohol, but Hax tried a sip of the clear heartflow. A power aphrodisiac, the drug combined with the kobold’s delusions of grandeur and motivated him to made awkward moves on the medusa. Sensing that she’d need to lower her standards to see things through, she too chugged a vial of heartflow and the two scaly humanoids eloped behind a curtain to a room filled with lifelike statues. Had Hax been in a more perceptive state, he would have notices that many of them were missing a finger or toe.

Cavallah was curious to see the potency of the new drug brought from Droaam, but requested one of his guests to take the first sip. Feeling that the deal wouldn’t stick without this, Karri drank the first sample vial and handed the other to the ogre mage. A second later, she felt the blood heat up in her veins and her spell-like abilities double in strength. Cxaxukluth sensed psionic energy coming from the dreamlily and had to try it. Oddly enough, it tasted like delicious, fresh brain fluid. In addition, the mind flayer felt all pain, physical and mental, go away, and a feeling of invincibility flow through him.

Using her enchantment powers, Cavallah goaded Karri into opening one of the kegs of the elixir now dubbed Dragon’s Blood and taking another gulp. The hag’s magic burned so hot that flames flared out of her fingers and her blood literally burned her from inside

Everyone got quite wasted as the evening went by and fell asleep in the lounge under the watchful eye of Ash, the cloaked figure who hadn’t taken anything but who, according to Cavallah and Harash, had so much poison in her that a little more wouldn’t make a difference anyway.

The next day, everyone was ready to act out on Sora Maenya’s plan and sabotage Clan Boromar’s dreamlily supplies. The location of the warehouse was given by Slagtooth and the agents went on to some scouting. The warehouse was set on the first level of the halfling district known as Little Plains, in Middle Menthis Plateau. Cxaxukluth noticed that city guards were paying way too much attention to the seemingly generic warehouse, but remembered that Clan Boromar was known to bribe underpaid staff everywhere in town. Hax spent the day setting up explosives in nearby buildings in case a diversion was needed later, and Keng placed a few scrying sensors around the area to better cover their upcoming mission.

Tsukiyomi and Karri took on new disguises and opted to visit the level just under the warehouse, which took them to Firelight, a redlight district in the Lower City. The buidling that happened to be directly under the Boromar warehouse was a massage parlor, which the pair chose to visit. At the entrance, the two were asked two questions: preferred gender for a masseur or masseuse, and preferred race. Tsukiyomi tried to corner the hiost by asking for a drow woman, but he simply agreed and asked him to wat for his turn. Karri requested the most beautiful worker, regardless of gender or race.

In his room, Tsukiyomi met up with a beautiful tattooed drow damsel, while Karri encountered a handsome eladrin man. Before, during, and after his massage, the oni searched the room for a way up that wouldn’t involved breaking through the stone ceiling. He found one in a rain gutter that took waste water from the upper levels to the sewers at sea level. Though way too narrow for anyone to climb, Tsukiyomi could take on a gaseous form and move inside with ease provided it isn’t full of water. Karri spent her massage talking with her therapist and making an ally willing to help at a later date out of him. Asking his name, he stuttered: “El… uh… drin. Eldrin the eladrin. That’ll do.”

Strangely enough, both the drow and the eladrin spoke the tongue of Galifar with a clear Brelish accent, and sounded nothing like the singing language of the elves and eladrin or whatever the drows speak on Xen’drik.

The following night, the plan was set in motion. Cxaxukluth established a telepathic link between the five members of the crew and headed to Firelight with Tsukiyomi. When the coast was clear on the middle levels, the ogre mage changed into a gas cloud, which Cxaxukluth made invisible and inaudible with his psionic powers. The gaseous oni made his way inside the parlor and snuck into the drain of the shower in the room where he’d just been, finding that flying in this form was especially fast and easy compared to all the times he’d used the power before. He quickly made his way up the pipe and arrived in a small laboratory where drugs were being made. Through the tight holes of a metal grid, Tsukiyomi entered the main area of the warehouse. Dozens of crates were stacked everywhere and two homunculi stood immobile in the middle, ready to defend their wares. The oni went back to the lab and, searching for a few minutes, he found both the tag for the dreamlily crates and a ring attuned to the homunculi. Leaving the lab once again, he took his humanoid shape and began looking for the right crates to poison.

Meanwhile, a patrol of three city guards passed once again in front of the Boromar holdings. And while Tsukiyomi himself was completed silent, the opening and closing of crates was not. It was enough to activate the two homunculi and alert the guards. The first threat was momentarily stopped with the signet ring, but one of the guards was quickly searching for her keys to take a look at what was going on inside. This was the cue for Hax to trigger his bombs, setting fire to a nearby building and sending the guards running to investigate.

Tsukiyomi hastened the pace, spiking a second crate, but the effect of the ring ended and the mechanical guardians ran toward him on the attack. The oni had to fend off the blows while pouring poison inside a third crate, which was quickly becoming untenable. To make matters worse, he heard the sound of a broken window coming from the other end of the room.

Keng had heard the breaking glass too, as he was standing guard in the back alley. He’d spotted two halflings trying to break into the building. Fearing that they would spoil the plan, he quickly cast a sleep spell, stopping them in their tracks. In the meantime, Cxaxukluth had climbed back to the Little Plains was helping Keng dragging the unconscious halflings away. The illithid probed his captive’s mind and saw that he was a Boromar goon who saw the nearby flames and decided to investigate the family’s warehouse. However, this woke him up from his slumber. To shut him up, Cazaxukluth perforated his skull and slurped his delicious brains.

Realizing that they’d likely been duped, the three guards were already coming back. To make another diversion, Karri took the appearance of a young girl and pretended to be chased after by Hax. Crying for help from the evil kobold, she attracted the guards’ attention. Two drew their saps, intent on hitting Hax, while the third one was pulling out a pair of manacles. They were apparently less interested in stopping a crime, and more in finding a scapegoat on whom to place blame.

To get rid of the evidence of a dead halfling with clear marks of a mind flayer attack, Keng cast a strength-boosting spell on himself and through the cadaver over the railing sending him down to the lower levels of Sharn.

All of that was too much for Tsukiyomi. Even though the notes in the laboratory indicated that there was a fourth and final crate of dreamlily, he chose to get out and head toward the broken window. He’d taken a vial of the drug to give to Cxaxukluth as a present, but the mind flayer reluctantly chose to plant it on the sleeping halfling to make him look like a thief. He then focused on his psionic powers to get himself, Tsukiyomi, and Keng several blocks away. However, the power didn’t gather enough energy and failed to grab Tsukiyomi. The ogre mage then had to change back to his gaseous form and, as he was flying slower than the homunculi could walk, he had to provoke a pair of attacks and find another drain in the floor to flee downward.

As for Hax, he couldn’t break free of the guard holding him, but that’s when another kobold (who was none other than Eldrin in disguise), appeared a few meters away, claiming boldly that he and the rest of the kobold gang were here to finish the job. Deciding that they weren’t paid enough to face a dozen of more armed kobolds, the guards fled the scene as fast as they could, leaving Hax free to leave as well.

Nightime Stopover in Ardev

Summer 996 YK

In the early days of the Growing Season, the secret agents of Sora Katra are given their first assignment beyond the borders of Droaam. The quintet is to go to the City of Sharn where they’ll meet Cavallah, the leader of the Daask. In exchange for their loyalty, the hags of Droaam will provide their with a very potent and highly addictive elixir that can multiply the power of any arcane spellcaster or dragonmarked heir.

Tsukiyomi and Cryptic Karri have shapeshifting abilities, and neither minotaurs nor kobolds are unheard of in Breland, but a mind flayer is certain to stand out and likely to be shot on sight.. Sora Katra doesn’t seem worried in the slightest, and simply asks Cxaxukluth for a demonstration. Wondering how Katra knows about it already, the mind flayer pulls out a squiggly ball of ectoplasm from his robes, and lets it flow around his face, remolding it in the likeness of a nondescript human.

Satisfied with what she’s seen, Sora Katra instructs the crew to get aboard a Hose Orien caravan in Graywall to hasten their trip to Sharn. There, they are to meet with the harpy Cazha Bloodwing at the Shamukaar tavern in the lower levels of the city. Katra gives the group two kegs of her special potion, as well as a stone eye and a set of petrified fangs to be handed over to Cavallah.

Once in Graywall, the party meets with Saria d’Orien at the House Orien enclave in the Calabas, a grand station with numerous stalls and workshops, most of which haven’t been used yet. A shrwed negotiator, the baron demands a hefty sum, using the unsafe nature of the road in Droaam to justify additional guards. Normally, the next caravan wouldn’t leave town for another five days, but a generous patron is paying double to have one leave in the morning, which suits the secret agents just fine.

Early the next day, the five get aboard a large coach where they sit alongside two humans and three elves. The humans both look like seasoned veterans and barely say a word, even among themselves. On the other hand, the elves, two women and a man dressed in expensive clothes, spend the whole trip chattering in their singing tongue. By the end of the day, the coach arrives in the small town of Ardev, in Western Breland. There, the ten travelers are given the location of an inn near the House Orien enclave, where everyone decides to check in.

Wary of the everyone around them, the Droaam agents bring the two kegs in their room and take shifts keeping watch in case something happens. All is silent during Karri’s turn in the wee hours of the night, until she hears someone struggling with the next door, where the elves are staying. Wondering if one of them hasn’t been locked out of their room in the middle of the night, she decides to have a look, but then reconsiders and wakes Hax to send him instead.

Still half-asleep, the kobold sneaks outside and spots two medium-sized humanoids wearing dark cloaks and hoods. One of them is busy picking the lock. His accomplice is standing watch and notices the kobold spying on him. Quickly, a smoke bomb is thrown on the ground, followed by the sounds of glass breaking and footsteps running away. Hax pulls out of his pouch a magical fan of his invention to blow away the greyish smoke, but the intruders are already gone, and a white plume is coming out of a broken windowpane.

By that time, Karri had already woken up everybody else. While they’re trying to keep a low profile, the crew wonders if it wouldn’t look even more suspicious if they did nothing. Besides, earning the favor of a group of rich elves might benefit them in the long run. Tsukiyomi is designated to go fetch the innkeeper while Karri and Hax look around for clues. Cxaxukluth considers psionically teleporting inside the room, but between the drapes and the white, acrid smoke, he doesn’t have a clear enough view to see where he’d end up. He instead scans the other side of the the wall to sense sentient minds and detect only one very faint presence. Keng moves out a bit to get a running start and charges the door with his horns, busting the lock in a loud clang. The door moves ajar, but something blocks it path and prevents It from opening fully.

Cxaxukluth slips inside, unhindered by the darkness, and sees a naked elf maiden crouched behind the door. As the mind he sensed comes from further back in the room, he pushes forward, but the white gas is already working such a number on his lungs, that he couldn’t possibly stay there more than a minute. Calling for help telepathically, the mind flayer gets help from Keng, who’s affected just as much by the fumes. The two make their way to the back of the room where they find two more naked elves together in bed. Since Cxaxukluth only detects brain activity from one of the pair, Keng picks her up and the two rush outside to catch their breath.

Meanwhile, Tsukiyomi is accompanied by the innkeeper who, rather than go investigate the events, takes the oni on a jog toward the nearest guardhouse. She explains that an attempts on Lady Mishaan d’Phiarlan’s life is probably be a matter for the King’s Citadel, but that no Citadel agent can be bothered to be woken up at this time of the night. Watchmen are ready to step up at any given time, however, so a guard sergeant quickly joins Tsukiyomi and the innkeeper on the way back to the inn.

As Hax and Karri are analyzing the remnants of the smoke bomb and looking for tracks on the ground, Keng and Cxaxukluth burst out with an unconscious elf woman with pale skin and a barely noticeable pulse. More noticeable is the glowing dragonmark in the inside of her thigh. Hax quickly administers some universal antitoxin, but the woman is still not breathing. Seeing that no one else makes a move, Hax leans forward to give her mouth-to-mouth. The kobold’s mouth barely covers the elf’s, but something happens as she starts breathing again. Hax moves back just in time to not be caught in the act by the incoming guards.

The sergeant has his hands full with two apparent murder victims and an unconscious dragonmarked heir. Still, the fact that this happens in the middle of the night means that he might solve the mystery before the Citadel agents take over the case. He’d like very much to hold the newcomers from Droaam as responsible for the crime, but their story checks out, from the silent smoke bomb to the thieves’ tools still in the door lock to the testimony of the innkeeper. However, he warns them not to leave town until the matter is resolved, even if that means missing their caravan, as they are key witnesses to the events.

The sergeant’s second guess is the other two men from the caravan, but the two are found fast asleep in their own room on the other end of the building, and both are way more burly than the figures Hax has seen trying to break in. Hoping to get to Sharn as quickly as possible and to avoid getting entangled with the King’s Citadel, the party goes as afar as offering their help to the guards to sort things out right away. The sergeant reluctantly agrees, but calls for six more guards to come over, officially as reinforcements for an escort, but quite clearly so the visitors don’t attempt an escape while he’s on duty.

Under Hax’s guidance, the entire group, minus the innkeeper and a single guard left behind to watch over Lady d’Phiarlan, follow some hard-to-spot tracks leading to a wooded area beyond the town walls. Whoever left those track was definitely light-footed and nimble, and barely hindered by the undergrowth covering the forest floor, leading the agents to suggest that the culprits might be elves themselves. After a short hike, however, the tracks simply stop, as if the assassins had disappeared. Maybe they could have teleported away, but then why wait until they were ten minutes away from town? Sensing that things don’t add up, Cxaxukluth begins meditating to find try and see what has occurred in the immediate vicinity in the last few moments. In his mind, he sees two elves dressed in black who effortlessly run up a tree and climb in the branches.

Before the illithid can even get out of his trance, another smoke bomb bursts on the floor and an arrow zooms past the group, slashing Tsukiyomi’s shoulder. Once again, Hax blows away the smoke to reveal the pair the groupe was after standing on high branches and shooting volleys of arrows at the landlocked group. Not one to let an opponent get the last word, Tsukiyomi blasts a cone of cold up the trees, leaving the elves shivering and covering the branches with frost. The two assassins see that as their cue to escape as they start jumping from branch to branch. Blown back by a gust of wind conjured by Keng, one of the pair steps on a branch made fragile by Tsukiyomi’s ice; the branch snaps and the elf falls gracefully on the ground, albeit surrounded by armed town guards.

The other is well on his way to make an escape, but Karri is not willing, as she yells out loudly, to be stuck in a shithole of a village. Uttering an arcane curse, she twists the branches of the tree on which the last elf is standing, weaving a wooden net from which there can be no escape, then unceremoniously dropping him on the ground. The sergeant’s orders go unheeded as Keng proceeds to remove the two elves’ clothing, revealing each one to be the bearer of a dragonmark, likely the same Mark of Shadow as Mishaan d’Phiarlan.

Reasserting his authority, the sergeant gets everybody to move back in town where, thankfully, no other assassin has struck. Mishaan has regained consciousness and made it clear that she wants the caravan to get back on the road first thing in the morning despite what’s happened to her traveling companions. With actual prisoners, and a vial of milky-white poison found in the pouch of one of the two, poison that can no doubt be analyzed by an agent of the Citadel, the sergeant bids the travelers goodbye and sends them on their way.

Aside from the two veterans, everyone spends most of the following day asleep in the coach. By the end of the afternoon, the coach driver announces that they will be arriving in Wroat shortly. Contrary to what Keng had anticipated, the caravan is not following the west bank of the Dagger River through Moonwatch but is instead cutting right through the capital of Breland, and headquarters of the King’s Citadel.

A Delicate Prisoner Exchange

Spring 996 YK

Having failed to be recognized as a new nation, unlike every other contender, in the Treaty of Thronehold, Droaam is officially left as nothing more than a western untamed province of Breland. Fortunately for the Daughters of Sora Kell, KIng Boranel seems uninterested in starting a new war just to reclaim some dry and rocky monster-filled plains.

The King’s Citadel is even willing to make some underhanded deals with the Daughters. This is how a prisoner exchange is arranged between a Thrane soldier held in Graywall and a trio of monster criminals having been arrested in Breland’s metropolis of Sharn. The five elite agents of the Daughters are sent to retrieve the prisoner from Graywall and carry out the exchange with House Deneith sentinel marshals at the Brelish border.

In Graywall, they meet with the local warlord, the mind flayer Xor’chylic. Even though they are of the same race, he seems especially wary of Cxaxukluth (Xa-Xu-Kluth). However, presented with the proper paperwork signed by the three daughters, he agrees to hand over Emetta Garber to the team.

In lieu of prison, Emetta is kept in a vast storehouse under the courthouse amid dozens of humanoid statues, all petrified victims of Xor’chylic’s medusas. Most of them, including Emetta, have had their right hand smashed with some sort of blunt tool, and while many show faces of pain and terror, the Thrane soldier displays a peaceful, almost arrogant smile. The statue weighting several hundred pounds, it takes the strength of both Keng and Tsukiyomi to take it out of the vault so, in order to ease things up, Keng casts a spell to shrink it down to a mere six inches.

Doubting that the Brelish authorities would agree to exchange their prisoners for a petrified hostage, the team is faced with its first challenge. Out of all the factions of Graywall, the only one that they do know is able to undo a medusa’s petrification is House Jorasco and its scion Hahlo d’Jorasco. Amiable even to monsters, he’s willing to offer the services of his dragonmark, for a price, but the agents would rather keep Emetta in her stone form until the last minute. Smelling an opportunity for profit, Hahlo offers them a scroll of depetrification for the hefty sum of 1500 gold galifars. That being three times the coin the agents have on hand, Sora Karrigell aka Cryptic Karri reluctantly offers a deal where the team would owe the Jorasco family a debt worth 1500 gold pieces to be called in the future. To make things official, Hahlo ever drags her to the Sivis office where a written contract is signed and archived. The agents are unfamiliar with the legal terms used by the gnome notary, but a careful inspection indicates that the document is free of loopholes the haflings could use against them.

That being done, the crew leaves the city aboard Hax’s new magically-powered armored chariot and heads east on the road to Breland. Traveling day and night to arrive early at the meeting, the team is riding under the stars and moons when the air fills with the howls of scores of wolves, even though none of the creatures are known to roam in eastern Droaam. Soon, tens of glowing, yellow eyes spread across the road, and a single half-elf with a walking staff emerges from the pack. Almost speaking in riddles, he indicates that he wants to buy the petrified woman, offering a wealth of gold and enchanted objects in exchange. He explains that Emetta Garber is directly responsible for the death of dozens of his relatives and that he would rather put her where she could never do harm ever again.

Wishing to complete their mission, the agents suggest that the half-elf waits for the exchange to be over for them to make their attack, but he says matter-of-factly that he’d rather take his chances against five monsters than against a full garrison of House Deneith warrior and, especially, a restored Emetta Garber. Presented with the fact that the Thrane soldier has no right hand anymore, he states that she could deal just as much death with just her left.

Unable to make the man and his wolf pack move out of the way, the agents choose to resort to violence. Predictably enough, all twenty wolves are revealed to be lycanthropes and stand up on their rear legs and shift into humanoid shapes. Karri quickly traps them in front of the team with a horseshoe of flames to stop them from using the pack tactics wolves are known for. Tsukiyomi slices down some of the closest foes while Cxaxukluth brainwashes a few more to take them out of the fight. The half-elf then raises his taff toward the skies and invokes the moonlight to blind the mind flayer. Seeing him as a prime targer, Hax and Keng punch through the wolf pack to focus on the spellcaster, who ends up prone and burning but still doesn’t give up. Surrounded by werewolves, Cxaxukluth is clawed and bitten several times, but is quickly saved by Karri and Tsukiyomi. Cornered against the fire wall, the remaining foes are slain one by one, save for a pair still under the mental control of Cxaxukluth. The illithid tries to turn them into loyal thralls, but the pain from the wolf bites flares up and makes him push his mental control too hard, sending the would-be thralls to their death alongside the others. Keng sees to the wounds of Cxaxukluth, but is unable to tell whether or how werefolf bites could affect a mind flayer.

A few kilometers more to the east, the troop meets a group of gnolls who happen to be members of the Znir Pact, patrolling the area to maintain the peace. They warn the Daughters’ agents of a wooden fort having appeared overnight at the Brelish border and manned by a hundred House Deneith mercenaries. In turn, the agents inform them of the pile of dead werewolves lying nearby and the need for a cleanup.

A few hours later, the sun is rising over a large wooden building floating the banner of House Deneith. Cxaxukluth and Hax and sent out as scouts to see that there are three entrances to the building, all heavily guarded by archers and pikemen. Not seeking another confrontation, the team decides to walk out in the open and meet their counterparts. A horn is blown twice and what appears to be a decorated officer comes out with a squad of bodyguards. The human asks to see the prisoner and, as the statuette is thrown on the ground, it springs back to its full height. The officer smells foulplay, claiming that this could as well be a well-made fake as the real thing. The agents swear that they have the means to restore Garber to flesh there and now but request to see the three other prisoners first. Reluctantly, the officier calls for a harpy, an ogre, and an elf to be brought forth, all with their wrists and ankles stuck in heavy metal manacles. The harpy’s wings are also weighted with what seems to be lead clips, and her face is covered with a leather muzzle.

WIth the three hostages in sight, Keng uses the Jorasco healing scroll to free Emetta from her stone prison. The rocky color leaves room to a shining symbol of the Silver Flame painted on her tabard. It takes only a fraction of a second for Emetta to scan her surrounding, and she lunges at Tsukiyomi, putting her left hand on his draconic blade’s hilt and starting to pull it out of its scabbard. The oni barely manages to pull his blade back and it takes all five agents to knock the warrior unconscious as she puts up mean fight despite her right wrist bleeding profusely. The Silver Flame zealot is brought halfway to the fort as the three others walk slowly toward their rescuers.

A team of medics put Emetta on a stretcher but, before the bleeding from her hand is even stopped, a pair of manacles is tied to her ankles. A Deneith archer then tries a ket to an arrow and shoots it a few meters in front of the monsters. The Deneith officer then orders all archers to aim at the enemies and starts counting aloud toward no known end number. Rather than risk provoking the crazy man’s thirst for blood, the agents untie the chains tying the rescued monsters ’s ankles and lead them away until the fort is almost out of sight.à

The three reveal to be part of an underworld organization known as Daask, with a strong hold on the crime scene of Sharn and a wish to expand all over Khorvaire. The ogre and harpy don’t know why they were rescued, but agree to meet with the Daughters of Sora Kell. As for the elf, he acts like he was expected to be freed sooner or later. Wondering why an elf would work for a group of Droaam monsters, Tsukiyomi wrongly assumes that he might be a changeling, but correctly guesses him to be a lycanthrope on his second try, hoping secretly that the Znir Pact gnolls will have had time to clean the road of the twenty werewolf corpses before the groups gets there.

A New Force for Unity

Summer 995 YK

Following the events of the Mourning, Breland finds itself without a foe on its eastern border, and the Daughters of Sora Kell fear that they might turn their army west to pacify the budding nation of Droaam. Based on the insights of Sora Teraza, the hags realize that they need a taskforce more subtle than Sora Maenya’s war trolls. Therefore, Sora Katra summons six local champions from all over the region to serve as special agents for Droaam, although only five of them do show up.

The team’s first task is to convince Rhesh Turakbar to stop his pointless resistance and swear allegiance to the Daughters. Questioning goblin refugees in the Great Crag who had fled Turakbar’s Fist, the agents learn that they might find allies in the Redcaps in Graywall.

In Greywall, the team arranges a meeting with the leader of the Redcaps, a goblin wizard named Gurb “The Raven” Bonecrow. He admits to having helped many goblins and kobolds escape Turakbar’s slavery and seek asylum in Graywall. He states that the best offeing one could make to get on the minotaur warlord’s good side would be suitable sacrifices for his demonic lord. He even goes as far as to specifically recommend a pair of Brelish war criminals having taken residence in Graywall’s Kennels district, one of them an avowed goblin slayer. Byron & Vonterk are initially, and understandably, suspicious of the monsters offering them a job, but are convinced by magically enhanced lies and the promise of easy treasure.

The five agents and their two “mercenaries” are traveling to Turakbar’s Fist when they encounter a camp of gnolls set around a large bonfire. Initially mistaking the gnolls for members of the orderly Znir Pact, they soon realize that those are instead demon cultists and that the bonfire is actiually a barbecue where two goblins are being roasted on a spit. The gnolls invite the strangers, and forcefully request that the kobold Hax be added to the meal. The encounter turns quieckly into a fight with the nearby gnolls pulling out spears and the more distant ones shooting arrows from the cover of the tents.

Amid the commotion, Byron and Vonterk decide that they’re not being paid enough and decide to make a run for it. The agents of the Daughters have to split up to fight the gnolls on one side and stop the would-be sacrifices from escaping on the other, but end up reaching their goals. The mercenaries are stunned and recaptured while none of the gmolls are left alive. Many goblin prisoners are found tied up in one of the tents. The team frees them and points them toward Graywall, telling them to ask the assistance of the Redcaps once there.

On the next day, the party arrives at Turakbar’s Fist, a maze of a stronghold painted red from the blood of many sacrifices. Guided by orc soldiers, they are taken to Turakbar’s castle, where minotaur elite guards make bets on how many of the five would come out alive. From his seat overlooking a sandy arena, the minotaur warlord gleefully accepts the dwarf and human as sacrifices for the Horned King Baphomet, but clearly considers adding the Daughters’ envoys to the lot, as he did with all of their previous messengers. He even pulls out a summoning scroll, ready to unleash some foul creature on his new prey.

In an attempt to prove their (and the Daughters’) usefulness to Turakbar, the agents pry out his dearest desire from him, which would be to be the one responsible for the liberation of the Horned King from his Khyber prison. The problem is that, as with all demonic overlords, no one knows exactly where his prison is located, although technically, one such overlord is said to be trapped under the Thrane capital of Flamekeep. In exchange for having Droaam agents sent in Flamekeep, he agrees to serve the Daughters as he local warlord, but threatens to renege his word if no progress is made within two years.

That being done, the agents return to the Great Crag and report back to Sora Katra, greatly pleased with the outcome of the mission, and taking much credit for the creation of the special unit that would be sent all around Droaam over the following months to cement the Daughters’ hold on the monstrous nation.


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